Rothenbaum – Dolce-Brutalism (Atmospheres 1-4) [PROMO]

Kryptox Music is a new label from Berlin dedicated to new forms of Jazz, Ambient, Electronica and Neo-classical music.
The second release comes from VLADIMIR VON ROTHENBAUM. 21 year old Russian keyboard wizard – traveling through the space between modern performance art and advanced electronic music. Rothenbaum didn’t appear to a bigger audience or on Social Media yet, but he is starting to be well know in the underground art scene of his hometown Moscow. He contributed music to many performance happenings in Moscow galleries – most of these politically engaged – and he is part of the new action art group ????: a improvisation art guerilla group that is know for spontaneous ten minute appearances at parties, political events and galleries.

Rothenbaum’s Dolce/ Brutalism album consists of four atmospheric works. Basically little sketches and etudes played on thirteen different synthesizers. The album is like a collage moods. A voyage through sounds. Some labelled that scenes Post-internet- musicians. Some of these sketches were part of performances that Rothenbaum did live. Others were played in his studio, an old bunker in the middle of Moscow, on some of his rare Czech and Russian synthesizer collection. The Polivoks probably mostly used.
Rothenbaum, who studied jazz piano at Moscow conservatory of music for two years (and then has been thrown out of school after he destroyed a class room while doing an illegal performance), has a magic sensibility for pure, light, musical atmospheres. His music is never overcrowded. It’s light: Small beautiful ideas flying by fluently ,sometimes interrupted by dark, short moods all together creating an unique abstract musical collage. This is his first release.

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