Karaba – Pheremon Crumble Wax (EP)

Karaba is the new band on Kryptox. The Berlin label founded to show what’s happening in the German Jazz crossover scene. One of these bands is Karaba from Munich. The band was already featured on the Kryptox Kraut Jazz Futurism Compilation in 2019.
Now they deliver their first album for Kryptox. Five young guys from Munich. Skilled and tight on their instruments and deeply rooted in the heritage of all kind of wild forms of jazz, krautrock and psychedelic music.

The kids began to jam together when starting to study music in 2012. Being from Munich, a town where legendary Kraut Rock bands like Amon Düül, Guru Guru and Embryo came from, the Karaba guys are obviously influenced by these german kraut and psychedelic sounds. You can hear that in many shades of this album: the complexity of the unusual rhythmical fundaments and percussive patterns. The Prog-Rock parts, with these partly abstract unisono lines and strange melodic figures or unexpected chord changes.

Karaba’s album starts with a slightly arabic feel. The repetitive groove of “Der Inder” gets the listener immediately into a different south-eastern space. Later the music gets more animated, more structured and more uplifting. A whole universe of little influences. Shades of certain Jazz and prog-rock bands: you might think about the canterbury scene of the 1960ies and 70ies. There are textures reminding of Soft Machine, Frank Zappa, Mats and Morgan, Kraan and maybe some Passport influences. (Another band from Munich that left a huge footmark in the worldwide jazz fusion history).
The whole Karaba sound has a certain 1970es feel. But not in a pure retro way. The LP sounds more like a modern psychedelic 2020 Lofi Indie Jazz thing – a sound that fits well in these wild times and finds its place in the actual scenario of new jazz bands worldwide.

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Kryptox @ Olympiastadion, München

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Im Rahmen der Sommerbühne im Stadion im Olympiastadion in München können zwei der jungen Projekte von Kryptox live erlebt werden!

Das Duo Keope verbindet elektronische Drums mit wilden Gitarren und treibenden Grooves. Die beiden haben vor kurzem auf Âmes neuem Label „Bigamo“ ihr Album veröffentlicht und sind auf der Kryptox Compilation „Kraut Jazz Futurism“ vertreten. DJ Dixon hat erst kürzlich ein Stück von Keope geremixt, was dem Duo große Aufmerksamkeit in der elektronischen Musikwelt beschert hat.

Außerdem spielt Ralph Heidel. Der Saxofonist, Komponist und Bandleader hat in München Jazz studiert und gleich darauf bei Kryptox sein Debutalbum „Moments in Resonance“ veröffentlicht. Elegische, verträumte Musik die Elektronik mit Streichern, Sax und Drums kombiniert. Inspiriert von Olafur Arnalds, Gorecki, John Zorn und Nils Frahm. Der Rapper Tarek von K.I.Z. war so begeistert von Heidels Werk, dass er ihn verpflichtete eine symphonische Version seines Debüt Albums einzuspielen.
Heidel spielt ein Konzert mit seinem neuen Quartett. Schlagzeug, Bass u.a. wird mit sequenzerartigen Synthesizer Grooves kombiniert. Es wird sehr cineastisch und soundtrackmäßig. Eine Musik, die in der absurden Situation des Olympiastadions sicher eine ganz surreale Wirkung entfalten könnte.

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Niklas Wandt – Erdtöne (Single)

After he hit their sweet spot with a little 3/4 psychedelia on the ‘Kraut Jazz Futurism’ compilation, new Berlin based imprint Kryptox (yes, that new label dedicated to new jazz electronica phenomenas from the uprising German scene) do the sensible thing and tie down nomadic percussionist Niklas Wandt for his first ever solo EP. Anyone with a dancing shoe dipped in the underground will recognize the dungareed Berliner from collaborative outings with Bufi-body popper Wolf Muller, synth shaman Sascha Funke or his NDW dream team Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge (whose funky bassman Timo Hein helps out here), and now he’s rolling (mostly) solo with four tracks of far out head music. Largely built around improvised drum jams recorded in Wandt’s rehearsal space in Berlin, the sounds on the EP mutated and matured before assuming their final form under the mix.

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Niklas Wandt – Luftkraft (Aiforce Wandt) – Redux (Single)

New Song on new Berlin Jazz-Kraut-Electronica Label Kryptox / K7!. Sublabel of Gomma / Toy Tonics. “Luftkraft (Airforce Wandt)” Redux is taken from Niklas Wandt’s upcoming EP “Erdtöne”. A 4 minute neo- jazz-funk track with lot of drive, but no jazz solos. For people who like Kamaal Williams or Four Tet.
Niklas Wandt is a producer coming from the “Salon des Amateurs” universe. He released an albums with Jan Schulte aka Bufiman and is part of the new band Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge.

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VA – Kraut Jazz Futurism (Compilation)

We made this compilation because we see a lot of great new music in Germany that is inspired by psychadelic and „kraut” heritage, jazz and electronica. We show songs of 17 young german artists that we think are doing great, new, hard to describe, music.

Review: The Wire Magazine (December 2019 Issue 430) by Neil Kulkarni

The majority of the tracks on this compilation were composed exclusively for this release or have only seen a limited release via the artists’ own channels. A few have already been released in 2018/19 on small labels.

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Kryptox Showcase @ Überjazz Festival 2019, Hamburg

Next weekend double concert at ÜBERJAZZ Festival Hamburg! Our Kryptox label will release a compilation presenting the hottest German jazz crossover musicians. Hamburg’s ÜBERJAZZ Festival & Kampnagel invited us to present the 8 most interesting bands on a doubleshowcase on 1 weekend. Come over! #krautjazzfuturism

Tickets: here

Facebook event

FR, 1.11.2019
Shake Stew
JJ Whitefield
Niklas Wandt & Cass.
Sissi Rada

SA, 2.11.2019
Karl Hector & the Malcouns
Ralph Heidel II Homo Ludens
Max Graef pres. 2MORPH

Keope – A Night In Bacalar (Single)

Keope are one of the new German bands of the rising Berlin jazz-kraut scene that is starting to become a phenomenon. They are the main band on Bigamo records. The new label of Frank Wiedemann of Âme/ Innervisions.
Keope produced this new track as a special contribution pre-single for “Kraut Jazz Futurism” – an upcoming collection of new german Neo-Jazz bands to be released on Kryptox records in november. This track is previously not released. Atmospheric very light and kraut influenced chill out music.
Kryptox is that new Gomma & Toy Tonics records sublabel dedicated to the new German Neo Jazz scene.
The compilation will be released accompanied by a big UK, US and German press campaign and collaborations with XJazz Festival Berlin and Überjazz festival Hamburg.

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Karaba – Der Inder (Single)

Kryptox is the new Berlin label that is dedicated 100% to the new German Neo-Jazz universe. A response to the new UK and US jazz scenes. Like a German version of Brainfeeder and Brownswood records.
This new single by KARABA is a pre-single to the compilation “Kraut Jazz Futurism”. A collection of new German bands that Kryptox will release in november.
Karaba are one of these new young German bands that combine psychedelic Jazz with Krautrock and Afrobeat. Like many of the new German crossover Jazz artists also these kids have been raised with three things: electronic dance music, playing real instruments and knowing all kind of „old“ music through the internet.
Now they combine all this in a new, fresh unpretentious and non academic way.
The KrautJazz Futurism compilation will be released accompaigned by a big UK, US and German press campaign and showcase collaborations with XJazz Festival Berlin and Überjazz festival Hamburg.

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Karl Hector & The Malcouns – Orange Man (Single)

First single from the upcoming compilation “KRAUT JAZZ FUTURISM” that portraits the new Berlin “Neo-Jazz” scene.
Karl Hector & The Malcouns, founded by JJ Whitefield (Stones Throw, Now Again, Daptone, Ninja Tune), lead the way with the exclusive track “Orange Man”. An ethno-kraut-jazz-funkmasterpiece.
This band is part of a new German wave. After the UK jazz and US jazz hype it’s time for the german jazz revolution. But while the new US & UK jazz is more influenced by hip hop and R&B, the young German jazz musicians are rooted in Krautrock and electronic music. 

This upcoming KRYPTOX compilation shows that Berlin is not a techno city anymore. There are many jazz musicians, new hot live clubs and festivals. The compilation release will coincide with Kryptox stage takeovers at Uberjazz festival Hamburg and XJazz Berlin. Full PR campaigns in Germany, US and UK.

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