Mathias Modica presents Kraut Jazz Futurism Vol.2 [Compilation PROMO]

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Title: Mathias Modica presents Kraut Jazz Futurism Vol 2 (KRY0015) 
Format: Vinyl Compilation (2LP) + Digital + Stream
LabelKryptox / !K7 Records
Releasedate: 19.03.21

More new bands from Germany!
The Kraut Jazz Futurism compilation shows what’s cookin’ in the new German Jazz scene!
Young German bands and international musicians working in Berlin. Artists that combine jazz with krautrock, afro, hip hop and electronica in a new way.

The first part of the compilation came out 2019 and was described by The Wire as „… a re-drawn map of underground Berlin. Refreshingly new, eccentric, badassed and sometimes funny.“

This second part goes further. Similar to Gilles Peterson’s We Out Here compilation, where he focuses mainly on the new hip english Jazz artists, on Kraut Jazz Futurism Mathias „Kapote“ Modica from Berlin’s Kryptox records puts together what’s hot in the new club jazz scene in Germany.

The Wire explains:

„… there is a new sound of underground Berlin far away from the club-bold hedonism. Unlike London, where you feel that grime and hip hop expert a rhythmic influence on current jazz the Berlin based musicians are far more seeked in their own national musical heritage“.

Yes, there are a lot of young German and international musicians in Berlin now. Working on new, different (jazz)-styles. And if you live in Berlin as a musician you can’t escape the influence of German krautrock.

All musicians on this compilation have a lot in common: besides their love and knowledge about krautrock, jazz, electronic music, they are all skilled instrumentalists and play in bands. On the other side they have been also raised with hip hop and the electronic music of the last years. Having the whole history of music available for free (on the internet) this mix of inputs creates a lot of new energy. An energy that can be seen in these emerging bands. After 15 years of dominance of electronic sounds in the mainstream it seems there is a new lust for handmade, authentic music and musicians. Also in Germany. Some of these new artists are retro, other almost futuristic, but all are very convincing in their post-postmodern way of recombining styles.

Kraut Jazz Futurism includes german and international musicians working in Berlin.

Like the multi-national Spiritczualic Enhancement Center collective. Nine musicians from six countries: Iran, USA, Israel, Germany, Turkey and Russia. The band’s hypnotic Trance Jazz already was praised by Gilles Peterson and the collective has been invited by Festivals all around Europe. Perilymph is also interestingThe french-english-italian- german band is a good example for the new Berlin melting pot of musicians.

Or Kuhn Fu is a phenomenon doing artsy theatrical happenings, described by the band themselves as “paranoid prog-punk-jazz-performances“.

Besides the ex-pad musicians the compilation includes lot of German artists. New Berlin phenomenas like KUF, a live trio that connect Fusion Jazz with abstract hip hop and mad vocoder vocals that could be well imagined also on Brainfeeder records. Or Wanubalé, who could be described as Berlin’s answer to London’s Ezra Collective. Also Modha is a new Berlin club jazz live duo on the edge between Berlin’s House clubs and the Jazz scene and CV Vision, the multi-instrumentalist and studio wizard, already has a good buzz for his emotive synthesizer jazz funk trips.

The new German jazz thing happens also in other cities:

Munich has a long tradition of music. Disco (Moroder) and krautrock (Amon Düül, Embryo) are still in the DNA. Young Munich bands like Ark Noir, GTA Hofmann and Le Millepede can be seen in this long tale of Munich musicians. Contact Trio coming from Frankfurt and play subtle live etheric jazz with almost electronic sounding vibes. And Triorität, another trio (bass, drums, keys) have already earned praises by Gilles Peterson himself for their debut EP Skorphut (2019) and are an amazing live band.

Most of the songs of Kraut Jazz Futurism are exclusives or have only been self released by the bands on bandcamp.

The compilation comes out on Kryptox Music. New Berlin based label for new jazz fusion from Germany.

The label is a sublabel of Toy Tonics and Gomma records. Head of the labels and curator for Kryptox is Mathias Kapote Modica. Who some might know for his work as Munk and Kapote and his productions with artists such as WhoMadeWho, James Murphy, Peaches, Asia Argento and The Rammellzee. Before producing electronic music and building up labels and artists Mathias studied jazz piano in Munich and worked as a radio DJ on a German Jazz radio.

The Bands:

Contrast Trio

Contrast Trio come from Frankfurt. They play in a classic jazz out fit (Piano, Drums, Upright bass) and create sweet and subtle compositions. The music is complex and the arrangement well thought, but the vibe is unpretentious and light. Downtempo atmospheres from the 1990ies mixed with modern jazz and contemporary classical music elements. Contrast Trio play 100% acoustic, but you can’t help to think they sound almost electronic is some parts. There is some kind of magic here. For this song they added vocals by Insa Rudolph.

Key Elements

Berlin native producer Marina Thons had released two solo albums as key Elements before he decided to include two musicians for his last album on Sonar Kollektiv. Together with keyboarder Jim Dunloop (Solo album «Opus 76BPM» on BBE). And drummer Steffen Waldi Kieslich from Analogue Freestyle they became one of the key figures of the new Berlin club jazz scene. Connecting soul- jazz, inspired by the current UK scene with Italian movie soundtrack vibes and beats that sometimes remind the world of Detroit hip hop.


Side project of Niklas Wandt, drummer on countless sonic adventures (check his solo EP for Kryptox and his new band Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge ). With Nils Herzogenrath aka Vomit Heat and Edis Ludwig aka Tesk. ‘Tanz um den Melkeimer’ is an odyssey without rules or certainties, apart from the filthy power of ethereal synthesizers and motor-like drum pulses. Their self-proclaimed goal is, as they say “to boldly stimulate cosmic regions of the listener’s brain that no band has stimulated before… apart from krautrock veterans Amon Düül, Ash Ra Tempel and Boredoms“.

Spiritczualic Enhancement Center

… are a “spectral trance-jazz ensemble with a spontaneous psychedelic-punk methodology”, as they define themselves. An eclectic group of musicians from Germany, Israel, Iran, USA, Turkey, UK, Russia and former Yugoslavia, their sessions are improvised rituals, making use of traditional instruments, self-built electronics, synthesizers and a large rhythm section. Since their formation 2017, they have performed in twelve countries, including festivals like Fusion, Camp Cosmic and Copenhagen Jazz Festival. Their explosive live performances and their two self-released albums have created a buzz around the band. Gilles Peterson called the group an “incredible act which he’d love to see live”. And no other than Damo Suzuki of CAN is a fan and joined the band on stage at several gigs. Exclusively written for Kryptox.

CV Vision

Another mad cat from Berlin. Dennis Schulze aka CV Vision is already starting to become an established artist. With a couple of releases on German and American labels. A multi- instrumentalist and studio wizard with a fat, emotive, groove oriented sound that grabs you immediately and makes you want to hear again and again. His influences range from library sounds to German avant-garde electronic. B movie soundtracks to Jazz Funk. Part of the mystery are his passion for old synthesizer that are a base for his personal sound.


…are a Berlin based collective of nine musicians. None for their explosive live shows where they mix afro beat, funk, hip hop and broken beats with a 4 person horn sections and two drummers. Of course, they are influenced by the new London Jazz thing. But they write own, tight, very personal music, of course you could compare them to Ezra Collective, but Wanubalé are more than that. Just hear that groove!


You love it … or you skip. KUF provoke extreme reactions. And its clear as this music is extreme. Fusion Jazz, abstract hip hop, mad vocoders, broken beat. You could easily imagine this music of keyboard wizard Tom Schneider and his group on US experimental labels like Brainfeeder, made by a crazy sample producer. But it’s a 100% live band from Berlin. After two albums they already have a little international fan base. With gigs on festivals such as Moers Jazz, Shapes Norway and Acusmatiq Ancona for sure this trio will make bigger waves in the future.


Only a few years into their existence and is still is not easy to put a finger on what defines Perilymph. From lonely bedroom recordings to a live band, to a communal project, the dynamics and the concept behind Perilymph are constantly evolving. Coming together from France, UK and Italy, the four musicians live in Berlin and strive in the ever-growing local live music scene, shaping their sound in complete creative freedom. Their two albums show that Perilymph can go in any direction and transport the listener to the remote corners of music’s past and present. Taking influences from prog-rock musicians like Gong as well as Franz Zappa, french chansons or hippy atmospheres.


Berlin is full of young Djs that try to work with jazz musicians and musicians that jump on the electronic train. Modha is in the middle. Drummer Dhanya Langer is a well knows DJ and producer with releases on OYE recods (under his monikerr D.Y.A.) and has his fingers in many projects. Together with keyboarder and producer Max Scholl they play soft jazz with a strong hip hop vibe and released one EP on the new Berlin label Kommerz GBR. A new clique dedicated to the mixed forms of hip hop, house and jazz.


The young trio plays high energy dance floor jazz with just bass, drums and rhodes, creating a positive vibe that makes people go crazy at their gigs. Their self-released album „Algo“ got praised in many UK radio shows. Gilles Peterson is a fan. This trio based on friendship, formed through mutual appreciation and natural conversation use their knowledge jazz dynamics combined with modern house music build-ups to create euphoric moments. Uplifting drums, repetitive chords, kick ass baselines and hooky melodies are the key ingredients for their intense sound. The song on the compilation is an exclusive recording.

GTA Hofmann

…from Munich are a trio formed around composer and producer Bartellow. Besides releases on New York label ESP institute and Public Possession Bartellow also is part of GTA Hofmann where they play their instruments as much as they operate knobs, sliders and effects and pave their way through earthy lofi beats, organic sounds and analogue minimalism combined with unexpected piano solos and unusual chord progressions. The guys are skilled jazz improvisers with a deep love for electronica and Afro-American music, kraut-hop, space jazz and live techno. Attention: what may sound like samples or drum machines or samples is the live sound of a piano trio.

Ark Noir

The fact that the members of Ark Noir have roots in Germany, USA, Japan and Switzerland might be a reason for their extended lust for genre-hopping and border-less jamming. Founded in 2017, they’re working on a prototype of what could be a new kind of post-modern improvisation sound. Sometimes raw and dark, sometimes beautiful and textural, they turn unusual rhythmical patterns into jams that can range from free jazz up to cinematic sound worlds and dry-aged hypnotic techno. ‘Electronic alternative experimental jazz’ – that’s how the quintet describe their music. The band met while studying at the music academy of munich and can be seen on the front of what could be become a new Munich scene.


… from Hamburg are a trio that have developed their own musical twist over the past few years.

Hypnotic, repetitive drum patterns, analog soundwaves and ostinative elements that come from dub, cosmic disco, new wave, Detroit techno and jazz, but have also their roots in the wide range of German electronic experimental heritage. Exclusively written for this compilation.

Le Millepede

… is Mathias Götz. Coming from the alternative music scene of Munich, he is part of many projects, most notably his participation in Alien Ensemble of Micha Acher (The Notwist).

Götz’s music can be described as a layering of unusual sounds and rhythmical patterns. With piano, xylophone, Moog, harmonium, percussions and self built instruments, he creates minimalist, lofi jazz pop gems. Tracks with an immediate quality, seemingly simple at first listen, but revealing surprising depths at a second glance. Using the iconic sound of a Casio VL Tone mini keyboard adding trombone and his voice, which he manipulates in a way that makes it an entirely new instrument in its own right. Sometimes Mathias invites friends to the studio. As he did for this track.


… were founded by German guitarist and composer Christian Kühn and include musicians from England and Turkey. The track chosen for this compilation is a moody lofi jazz song that you could easily imagine in an early Jim Jarmusch movie. But this is just one side of the band – their complete musical output has a much broader stylistic range. Drawing parallels to certain John Zorn or Frank Zappa albums, Kuhn Fu’s live shows know no borders and take shape as an artsy mix of jazz, metal, chanson. Weird theatrical happenings, described by the band themselves as “paranoid prog-punk-jazz- performances“. Exclusively written for Kryptox.