Spiritczualic Enhancement Center – Carpet Album [PROMO]

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Spiritczualic Enhancement Center are a “spectral trance-jazz ensemble with a psychedelic-punk methodology”, as they define themselves. An eclectic group of 15 musicians, almost a collective, from Germany, Israel, Iran, USA, Turkey, UK, Russia and former Yugoslavia – living in Berlin. Landing on Kryptox with this album that connects the psychedelic spirit of the German Kraut Rock scene with a funk vibe that reminds the Miles Davis bands from the 1970ies. Check this band and also their Instagram… to dive into their sonic universe.Spiritczualic will also host a monthly evening at the new Toy Tonics party adventure in Berlin:Every Thursday we do the KRYPTOX SESSIONS. DJs play Balearic, dance jazz, Afro house and other positive sounds, and we invited international bands to play at this happening. In a new magnific location – open air – all over the summer: The Garten AEDEN. Come by!

Toy Tonics/ Kryptox crew