Niklas Wandt – Erdtöne (Single)

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After he hit their sweet spot with a little 3/4 psychedelia on the ‘Kraut Jazz Futurism’ compilation, new Berlin based imprint Kryptox (yes, that new label dedicated to new jazz electronica phenomenas from the uprising German scene) do the sensible thing and tie down nomadic percussionist Niklas Wandt for his first ever solo EP. Anyone with a dancing shoe dipped in the underground will recognize the dungareed Berliner from collaborative outings with Bufi-body popper Wolf Muller, synth shaman Sascha Funke or his NDW dream team Neuzeitliche Bodenbeläge (whose funky bassman Timo Hein helps out here), and now he’s rolling (mostly) solo with four tracks of far out head music. Largely built around improvised drum jams recorded in Wandt’s rehearsal space in Berlin, the sounds on the EP mutated and matured before assuming their final form under the mix.