Noah Fürbringer And Friends – Moonwalker

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Here comes the next album on Kryptox Musik. Berlin based sub-label of Toy Tonics records for new forms of Jazz, Psychedelic and Indie music from Berlin. And for many music lovers it’s already a known fact that Berlin used to be a techno town, but since a few years it’s becoming the center for musicians and new bands of the world. Being still extremely cheap compared to other cities and having all the possibilities of new clubs, rooms and music spots, the next years will show even more that Berlin is the capital of new music styles that have not much to do with the old techno scene. 

One of the great new musicians doing interesting projects is German drummer Noah Fürbringer. A music magazine recently published an article about Noah Fürbringer with the headline: “Shooting Star of the German Drummer Scene -The Young Wild One.” Since he moved to Berlin in 2019, his name has appeared as a drummer in the widest variety of projects. 

In 2020, he founded the band Lord Of The Amazing Panther together with Vincent von Schlippenbach (dj, electronics), Dirk Berger (guitar) and Beat Halberschmidt (bass), about which the critics wrote: “That’s what it sounds like when the band members of SEEED, Marteria, The Krauts and Casper come together to form a new band and blend hip-hop beats, electronics, instrumentals and fusion together to create new music.” 

At the same time, he developed the cool jazz project, Moses Yoffee Trio, with Moses Yoffee on piano and Roman Klobe on bass, with whom in the autumn of 2022 he will play at Ronnie Scott’s, the legendary London jazz club. 

Noah Fürbringer is currently on tour with the GermanAmerican rapper Casper. Alongside all his band projects, he has also managed to produce his first solo album, Moonwalker, which will be released in autumn of 2022. 

The album, for which he brought together a handful of friends, shows the wide range of his musical abilities and the intense interest in exchange with other musicians. He says: “It was important to me to bring musician friends together for my first solo album and to work on something together. We composed completely independently of any genre and did exactly what we felt like doing. 

But mostly inspired by modern jazz music. Drumming is like speaking for me. Speaking soft, loud, fast, slow and sometimes also misspeaking.” When the voice of Detroit activist and musician Malik Yakini appears on two tracks talking about John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders and the revolutionary power of black music, it’s not just a tribute to jazz, but also a political statement. The two pieces are an indication of how many different musical worlds Noah Fürbringer moves in. So it’s no surprise that he has also toured internationally with the New Zealand soul singer Noah Slee and the New York saxophonist Alex Han, a member of Marcus Miller’s current band. 

Let’s see what other surprises will come out of the young drummer’s creative workshop in the next few years.

Released: 25.11.2022