David Nesselhauf – Rituals (EP)

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Kryptox records was born to show what’s happening in the new scene in Germany. And David Nesselhauf is the next upcoming artists. Kryptox will release his 6 track EP.
Nesselhauf is a multi-talented artists:  bass player, composer, bandleader and man of very original ideas. He was already featured on the Kryptox’ Kraut Jazz Futurism compilation vol 1 (2019) and now delivers his first solo EP for the label. 
This EP is a follow-up in a longer musical  evolution that the Hamburg born talent has been making over the past years. A journey that’s basically a style he is building that he calls afro-kraut. Before joining Kryptox he already released 2 albums under the Afrokraut title on his own (Bandcamp) before meeting Mathias Modica (head of Kryptox) and they decided to work together. 

So on the  “Rituals EP” Nesselhauf  salutes his personal pantheon of musical gods once again, leading the listener through his musical Jungle encompassing Krautrock, Downbeat, Drone, Electronica, Afrobeat, Lo-Fi, Shoegaze, Funk and Ambient textures in the blink of an eye.  
The 6 new tracks share a common feel, but are colorful individuals at the same time. Some more organic, others with electronic elements. 

About Nesselhauf’s workflow: Four of these composition are based on quick, playful, raw jams recorded live within hours by a group of Nesselhauf’s inner circle musicians. Great grooves played by a heavy rhythm section that he uses also for his live gigs. Just on a few songs Nesselhauf exchanged the human musicians with a legendary Vermona Drum Synthesizer as the main rhythm ingredient. 

Guests: One more track was recorded with Julian Gutjahr, Drummer for The Drawbars. Some tracks feature guest appearances by Dennis Rux (he also mixed the EP) and Graeme Currie on guitar. Soulamadou made his way to one of the tracks just by incidentally leaving a very groovy voice message on David’s phone (“Zeit”).

The material was later bewitched into deep, organic swirls: Trippy, psychedelic somnambulistic. The rather mystical, nocturnal reworking process of the recording added even more dimension and depth, leaving the 6 Tracks ready for home listen, but also for an open-minded dancefloor and an otherworldly listening experience at the same time.

The next generations of jazz are just waking up. And David Nesselhauf and his bunch are one of these new interesting phenomena. Working in the underground since a few years, now hopefully there will be more spotlight on these great new innovators.