Ralph Heidel – AVI REMIX EP

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AVI Joseph Shabason + Vibrant Matter Remix

Canadian saxophone and ambient wizard Joseph Shabason teamed up with Vibrant Matter for a very special remix of Ralph Heidel’s track “AVI”. Heidel is a Berlin based saxophon virtuoso, electronic producer, chamber music composer – coming with an new album on Toy Tonics sublabel Kryptox Music later this year.

Joseph Shabason’s version of “AVI” has warm, moving synth pads that remind of Boards of Canada, and Shabason’s unique style on tenor saxophone is gliding over the distorted piano motif. In the development of the track a steady, straight beat leaves room for experimental textures, improvisation and drony bass lines. 

It’s more of a rework than a remix, because they recorded a lot of new saxophones, synthesizers and just left one particular piano melody as a recurring motif. 

AVI Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Remix

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s remixed Berlin’s Ralph Heidel. The Berlin ambient jazz composer and chamber music composer who releases on Toy Tonics sublabel Kryptox music.

Like Heidel, who does this very special music connecting organic classical elements with Electronica and chill out vibes, also Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith’s sound world is definitely unique. Once more she proves that she is one of the leading artists in experimental electronic ambient music these days. For the remix for Ralph Heidel’s AVI she combines her dreamy vocal samples, polyrhythmic sequences, a drum machine with Heidel’s original vocals, sax and strings. What happens are very interesting harmonic clusters and a truly organic sound combining the raw woodwind and string sound with her special „inspired by nature“ synthesizer textures.